Our Services

At EasiFit, our friendly team offers services for all makes and models of cars. All our services are competitively priced and come with a professional, first class service. Here are just a few of our services:

4×4 vehicles – We will service and maintain all types of vehicle, including 4×4’s, so you can enjoy maximum performance and economical motoring

Tracking – Get more miles from your tyres, ensuring even wear

Punctures – We can repair or replace a punctured tyre for you while you wait

Wheel Trims – Whether you need just one wheel trim or all of them, we can fit new wheel trims for you, or secure your existing wheel trims while you wait

Wheel Balance – We will balance your wheels after fitting new tyres or replacing a repaired tyre. If you notice excess vibration when travelling, call in and we can carry out a wheel balance to prevent premature wear on your tyres and prevent unnecessary wear on your suspension

Tyre Pressure Check – The correct tyre pressure will prolong the life of your tyres and use less fuel when driving

Free Tyre Inspections – Call in for a free check on your tyres to ensure they are above the legal limit

De-Icer – Prepare for winter by letting us add de-icer to your screen wash

MOT Prep – We can give your car a mini service to make sure your car passes its MOT first time, saving you time and money

Light Bulbs – Let us check all your light bulbs to ensure safe driving

Engine Flush – Prolong the life of your engine with an engine flush to keep the internal components clean, giving maximum performance

Wiper Blades – Replace your wiper blades to avoid annoying streaks, especially in hazardous driving conditions

Fuel Additive – Keep your engine running efficiently and smoothly

Air Con Re-Gas – Make sure the gas in your air conditioning system is at the optimum level for maximum performance

Exhaust Systems – We can replace all or part of your exhaust system if required

Windscreen Wash – Always be prepared with adequate screen wash

Oil & Filter Change – Keep your car running smoothly with a regular oil and filter change